Door Styles

Within these various Door Styles below, derives multiple colours, textures, finishes, species and profile options. Feel free to contact Interlock Designs for any brochures and/or samples required or visit our suppliers page to view the full range.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium framed glass doors allow you to reflect the latest European trends in your kitchen design by creating highlights or display features. With multiple choices of safety glass inserts, they are offered in both slim and wide contemporary profiles.

Vinyl Wrapped also known as Vacuum Formed or Thermofoiled Doors

Vinyl wrapped/ vacuum formed doors are vacuum bonded foil on a MDF substrate. This provides a seamless surface that is easy to clean and hygienic. They are also moisture and stain resistant, and come in a variety of finishes and patterns. Pay attention when used next to an oven as heat from the oven may sometimes damage the doors. A spacing strip or heat deflector around the oven can usually solve this problem.

Laminate & Hardform Doors

Economical and durable, laminate doors are easy to look after and come in a range of colours and patterns. Laminate doors can have matching laminate edges or either PVC or ABS edges (ABS is believed to be slightly more environmentally friendly than PVC). They can also have edges in other materials such as aluminium and timber. Rolled edged laminate doors are also popular because its design is easy to clean and safe with kids (less sharp corners to bump into).

Solid Timber Doors

Solid timber doors create a warm and cosy feeling in a kitchen and can suit both modern or country kitchen designs. They also tend to hide dents and scratches better than a plain coloured doors such as laminate and lacquered doors and can be sanded back and recoated when needed.Solid timber kitchen doors can be finished in clear finish to preserve the characteristics of natural timber or stained to create a certain colour effect without destroying the beauty of natural wood grain.

Veneer Doors

Timber veneer is a thin layer of real wood stuck to a particleboard or medium density board to create a very smooth flat timber surface. Although you cannot create profiles in timber veneered doors as with solid timber doors, you can however, create patterns in timber veneered doors just by laying the timber grains in different directions.

Stainless Steel Doors

Apart from its modern industrial look, stainless steel doors are hygienic and durable and can withstand heat and many chemicals. You can have your entire kitchen fitted with stainless steel doors to create an industrial look. Alternatively, you can mix stainless steel doors with other doors to create a special effect. Stainless steel doors can show finger marks easily but special stainless steel cleaners are available to eliminate fingermarks.

Flat or Profiled 2 Pack Doors

The main advantage of lacquered and polyurethane doors is that they can provide endless choices in colour and come in a range of finish options such as satin, matt and high gloss with high gloss finish being a popular choice. Both lacquered and polyurethane doors are easy to clean and will last a long time if care is taken. In Australia, polyurethane seems to be more popular than lacquered doors whilst in Europe, it’s vice versa.