Storage Accessories

Blum Aventos HF

The AVENTOS HF has a two-part front that folds in the centre when opening. The bi-fold lift system is ideal for higher wall cabinets with large fronts because the handle remains easy to reach in any position.

Blum Aventos HS

With AVENTOS HS, the front swings up over the cabinet. The up & over lift system is ideal for large area, single fronts as well as for cabinets with cornice or crown moulding.

Blum Aventos HL

The AVENTOS HL lifts the one-part frontal parallel to the cabinet. This lift system is ideal for applications in tall and wall cabinets with additional fronts above.

Blum Aventos HK

With AVENTOS HK, the front lifts up. It is especially well-suited for lift systems in wall cabinets where there are height restrictions, applications in tall cabinets and over the refrigerator.

Blum Orgaline Knife Holder

Whether large or small – our knife holder has room for up to 9 knives. In this way, they are safely stored in the drawer and always close at hand.

Blum Orgaline Spice Holder

The right spice always close at hand: All spice containers are stored securely in the ORGA-LINE spice holder. The spice holder can be completely removed from the drawer and placed on the work surface or carried to the table.

Blum Orgaline Plate Holder

Plates fit perfectly, one on top of the other: Up to 12 plates can be neatly stacked and securely stored in the drawer.

Blum Orgaline Foil Dispenser

Now aluminium foil has a secure place: In the foil dispenser. It cuts quickly and easily – no tearing of the foil whatsoever.

Blum Orgaline Cutlery Insert

High-quality ORGA-LINE sets with dishwasher safe, stainless steel compartments provide proper organisation for your cutlery. The individual cutlery containers can be laid out to suit your requirements. They are removable and practical for buffets or garden parties.

Blum Orgaline Odds and Ends

A drawer for all kinds of odds and ends is essential for a kitchen. Each item and utensil is stored properly in durable stainless steel trays. Pencils, papers or paper clips – everything is stored neatly and close at hand when needed

Blum Orgaline Dividers

Opened packets of food items such as fl our, sugar and rice can be stored under the main work area. High cross and lateral dividers ensure that goods are held securely yet are easy to view and access. So when you need it, the right ingredient is close at hand.

Blum Orgaline Drip Tray

The high pull-out can now also be adapted to store cutting boards along with bottles. This highly practical solution makes it easy to find the right cutting board and prevents unnecessary bending and stretching. If the contents of one of the bottles should leak; no problem. The removable ORGA-LINE stainless steel drip tray is very easy to clean.

Hafele Kesseboehmer Lemans 11

From perfect functionality to captivating convenience. Hardly any effort is required to make the shelves emerge from the cupboard so that you can constantly keep track of what is where and access everything with perfect ease. In a nutshell, LeMans ll is in pole position for efficiency and convenience.

Hafele Kesseboehmer Magic Corner

MagicCorner is capable of housing two complete cabinet equipments beside each other in only one corner cabinet. With one movement, the intelligent sliding technology simultaneously drives the front and the pullout rack into the users viewing and access area. As one would expect of Kesseböhmer, this occurs in a flowing, silent train of motion. Closing even nearly functions by itself. A small push is sufficient – then SoftStopp takes care of closing. Quiet and smooth.

Hafele Kesseboehmer Revo

Mechanically this system is engineered to ensure a totally controlled movement sequence – the doors fold gently away, the carousel rotates smoothly, the doors close automatically. With rotational damping and REVOfit, it’s a pleasure to watch. With REVOfit, the closing speed can be adjusted quickly and toollessly. Steplessly adjustable trays let users make good use of the storage space. Adding a third tray and/or a pan tray – even as a retrofit – lets users create even more storage area.

Hafele Kesseboehmer Dispensa

Each tray or basket can be individually hung at a height to suit the contents, making DISPENSA 90° a flexible solution providing a lot of storage with a very small footprint. The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilised. It makes best use of available space, and supports good organisation and fast access. All the contents, even on the topmost shelf, are in clear view – from either side!

Hafele Kesseboehmer Tandem

Good storage fittings are designed with specific goals in mind. Of key importance are making the most of the available storage space, ensuring a clear overview and quick and easy access to all the contents.

Hafele Kesseboehmer Base Pull Out Unit

With its Kesseböhmer pullouts, the No. 15 cabinet is much more than just a welcome filler When placed by the oven, the No. 15 pullouts are the convenient solution for spices, the baking tray or the indispensable towel. The high quality chrome equipment lends even these smallest cabinets in the kitchen that special touch of elegance.